UN Security Council / global ceasefire - Q&A from the press briefing (24 Apr. 20)


Q: What is the status of Security Council and P5 negotiations on a “global ceasefire”?

A: As part of global efforts to fight the Covid-19 epidemic and strengthen the response to that crisis, especially in more vulnerable areas, France proposed the adoption of a Security Council resolution calling for a global ceasefire and humanitarian pause. We also want to support the call for a ceasefire issued on March 23 by the UN secretary-general and the efforts of his special envoys who are seeking to make this a reality around the world. Together with Tunisia, we presented a draft resolution to implement that call.

Negotiations are under way between the permanent members of the Security Council on establishing the basic parameters for that ceasefire, which would be unprecedented, and to define a global, united response to the pandemic. We will be pursuing our efforts in the days to come, but we have noted in particular that the five permanent members of the Security Council were determined to work together and fully assume their responsibilities.