Increased mobilization to facilitate the return to France of French travelers remaining in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia (5 June 2020)


Joint communiqué by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Department of Transportation

In cooperation with the Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian authorities, whom they would like to thank, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Department of Transportation has held discussions with several transport operators.

These discussions will now make it possible to considerably expand transport options for our compatriots who remain stranded in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, in the exceptional and unprecedented context of the closing of borders and airports and the suspension of air traffic and travel ordered by these countries as a result of the pandemic.

  • In Algeria:

Several dozen Air France, Transavia and ASL flights are being made available. Four to five flights a day between Algiers and Paris are being operated. Additional flights from the regional cities of Oran, Annaba, Bejaia and Constantine have just been scheduled.

Following the crossing on June 1, two ferry services operated by Corsica Linea have been scheduled for June 7 and 9 between Algiers and Marseille (1000 passengers and 600 vehicles per crossing). Other ferry services are planned for the coming weeks.

  • In Morocco:

Between June 8 and 25, a specially expanded series of 60 flights will be operated by Transavia from Casablanca and Marrakech to Paris.

Air France is now resuming its schedule of 7 flights per week from Marrakech and Casablanca, with two flights now being provided by large-capacity aircraft.

With respect to the ferry services between Morocco and Europe, a Méridionale ferry will arrive today in Marseille from Nador, and five services will be provided by Balearia between June 5 and 9. They will allow French nationals and their vehicles to travel to Spain. Following an agreement negotiated between the French and Spanish authorities, the passengers will, thanks to a special dispensation, be able to return to France.

Lastly, a maritime link operated by the company GNV is scheduled between the port of Tanger-Med and Sète on June 9. Other crossings have already been planned.
In coordination with the Moroccan authorities, all of these repatriation operations are organized by our consulates.

  • In Tunisia:

Air France is now offering a second weekly flight between Tunis and Paris. After the crossing between Tunis and Marseille operated by Corsica Linea on June 4, which repatriated 1,000 people, a new maritime link is scheduled for June 11 with a 1,000-passenger capacity. Other crossings are planned for the coming weeks.

This special air and maritime service to which the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, its diplomatic and consular network in the countries concerned and the Transportation Department are fully committed will continue until the resumption of regular connections.