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Digital diplomacy


Development – Digital technology – Presentation by Annick Girardin and Axelle Lemaire of the Development and Digital Technology action plan (December 15, 2015)

Annick Girardin, minister of state for development and Francophony, and Axelle Lemaire, minister of state for digital affairs, presented the Development and Digital Technology action plan.

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The term diplomacy covers several activities, including representing and promoting the country’s interests, informing its authorities, negotiating, interacting with local civil society and notably opinion leaders, and protecting citizens.

Digital diplomacy is an extension to traditional diplomacy. It is based on innovations and the usages resulting from information and communication technology (ICT). However, the digital tool is not considered a mere means of communicating information. It contributes to transforming diplomacy.

Digital diplomacy is a priority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE), which has implemented numerous initiatives in this area. Digital diplomacy covers very varied areas:

- digital technology and international issues;
- digital soft diplomacy;
- digital diplomacy and knowledge management;
- the MAE’s online public service offer.

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