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  • Yemen – United Nations – Adoption of resolution 2216 (14.04.15)

    This resolution, which was co-sponsored by France together with the United States and the United Kingdom, underscores the need to swiftly resume the dialogue aimed at reaching an inclusive political solution, at a time when the Houthi rebels are continuing their actions to destabilize the country.

  • Yemen – Situation (26.03.15)

    Military operations were carried out last night by several countries in the region in response to the request by the legitimate authorities of Yemen. France reaffirms its support for Yemen’s government and for President Hadi.

  • Yemen – Attacks (20.03.15)

    France condemns the attacks perpetrated today against mosques in downtown Sana, which killed several dozen people. It extends its condolences to the victims’ families.

  • Yemen – Kidnapping of a French citizen (24.02.15)

    Unfortunately, we can confirm that a French citizen working for an international organization was kidnapped this morning in Sana. The Quai d’Orsay Crisis Center is in contact with her family. All of our agencies are mobilized to locate our compatriot and secure her release.

  • Yemen – United Nations – Unanimous adoption of a Security Council resolution (15.02.15)

    The resolution asks the parties to speed up negotiations with a view to finding a political solution to the crisis and relaunching the country’s constitutional process. It requires the Houthis to engage willingly in the mediation facilitated by the United Nations, withdraw their forces from the government institutions and refrain from further unilateral action.

  • Yemen – Dissolution of Parliament (06.02.15)

    As the UN Security Council did so on February 6, France expresses its deep concern following the new unilateral measures announced by the Ansarullah movement. It notably condemns the announcement that Parliament will be dissolved.

  • Yemen – Armed clashes (21.01.15)

    Together with its G10 partners, France reaffirms its support for President Hadi and the Yemeni government, protectors of the country’s unity and institutional continuity. It calls for the resumption of a construction dialogue as swiftly as possible between the parties, based on the peace agreement of September 21 and the conclusions of the National Dialogue Conference.

  • Yemen – Violence (19.01.15)

    France is concerned about the current armed clashes in the vicinity of the presidential palace in Sana’a. It calls for an immediate halt to the violence and the implementation of a ceasefire agreement.

  • Yemen – Attack in Sana (07.01.15)

    France condemns the attack that killed dozens of people in downtown Sana this morning. It extends its condolences to the victims’ families and expresses its sympathy with the injured.

  • Yemen – Attack in Rada (16.12.14)

    France condemns the attack which killed more than 20 people in Rada in Yemen yesterday, many of them children. These acts are appalling and disgraceful.

  • Yemen – Attack (03.12.14)

    France condemns the attack against the Iranian ambassador’s residence in Sana’a. We extend our condolences to the victims’ families.

  • Yemen – Attacks (12.11.14)

    France condemns the attacks perpetrated in recent days in Yemen and extends its condolences to the victims’ families. We reaffirm our support for the Yemeni authorities and people in their fight against terrorism.

  • Yemen – Attack (09.10.14)

    France condemns the attack that took place this morning in Tahrir Square in Sana which killed a large number of people, including children.

  • Yemen - Explosions in Sana (02-03.01.14)

    France condemns the attacks that targeted, on the night of February 2 to 3, the area surrounding the Ministry of Defense and the diplomatic district of Sana.

  • Yemen/ Iran – Interception by Yemen of a shipment of arms presumed to be from Iran (13.02.13)

    France calls on the UN Sanctions Committee to immediately investigate the information provided to it by Yemen. In this respect, we commend Yemen’s effective cooperation and its resolute action. Iran must comply with its international obligations and the Security Council resolutions, and put an end to its activities that threaten the stability of the region and its neighbors.



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