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Venezuela – Conviction of Leopoldo Lopez, founder of the Voluntad Popular party (10th September 2015)

France is closely following the situation in Venezuela, given the tensions the country has experienced since the events of February/March 2014.

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Political relations

France and Venezuela maintain regular political relations. Venezuela’s participation in the search for a solution to the issue of hostages in Colombia has generated an even greater level of bilateral dialogue.

Accordingly, President Chavez has travelled to Paris twice since 2007 (November 2007 and September 2008); ten agreements were signed during the second high level meeting between France and Venezuela in October 2008 and two trips were made by French ministerial authorities to Venezuela in 2009 (Anne-Marie Idrac, Secretary of State for Foreign Trade, in late March, and Eric Woerth, Minister for the Budget, Public Accounts and the Civil Service, in late April). A third high-level meeting should take place in Caracas in 2011, which will be an opportunity to strengthen our cooperation in many areas (energy, education, and the environment, etc.)

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