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France and Tanzania

Political relations

  • Visits of French officials to Tanzania: Minister of Foreign Trade in March 2014; Minister of State for Development and Francophonie in April 2015;
  • Visits of Tanzanian officials to France: official visit of President Jakaya Kikwete in January 2013; participation of President Jakaya Kikwete in the Élysée Summit for Peace and Security in Africa (December 2013); meeting between President Jakaya Kikwete and the President of the French Republic (January 2015); visit of the Minister for Transport and the Minister for Livestock and Fisheries for the first Franco-Tanzanian business forum (March 2015).

Economic relations

Tanzania is a promising trade partner for France. Bilateral trade totalled €84.4 million in 2014.
The main exports to Tanzania are: pharmaceutical products; transport equipment; mechanical, electrical, electronic and computing equipment; and agrifood products.

The main imports from Tanzania are: agrifood products; farming, forestry, fishery and aquaculture products; and manufactured products (made from cement, steel, iron or plastic).

French investments and the number of French companies present in Tanzania have been increasing for the last five years. French FDI stock (€13.6 million in 2013) is set to rise.

France’s economic presence (some forty businesses) is concentrated in the energy, logistics and construction industries. There are also many opportunities in the transport sector (especially ports, airports and urban transport), agrifood (livestock and dairy in particular) and tourism.

French companies that are already established in Tanzania include Maurel & Prom (gas); Lafarge (construction); Bolloré (logistics, especially at ports); CMA-CGM (sea transport); Alstom (electricity); Degrémont (water and sanitation); Vinci (construction); Bureau Veritas (inspection and certification); and Morpho-Safran (biometrics).
In response to French companies’ interest in the Tanzanian market, MEDEF International organized the first Franco-Tanzanian business forum in March 2015.

Tanzania offers opportunities not only for major groups but also for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), especially those in our overseas communities in the Indian Ocean region.


The Agence Française de Développement (French Development Agency, AFD) has significantly increased its activity in Tanzania since 2008: a local office has been set up and the country has been eligible for concessional loans from AFD since 2009.

AFD is developing its activity in the sectors of water and energy, transport infrastructure, urban development and support for the private sector. The total funding granted by AFD now amounts to over €415 million (new commitment approvals totalled €54 million in 2014). In the field of education, AFD also supports the Tanzanian Ministry of Education through a debt reduction and development contract (C2D / 2003-2017).

AFD promotes regional integration projects (in the field of water and sanitation around Lake Victoria, and grid interconnection projects, especially between Kenya and Tanzania), in order to reduce the development disparities between the countries of the East African Community (EAC).

To meet the growing demand for French lessons in Tanzania, the Alliance Française branches in Dar es Salaam and Arusha are teaching nearly 1,038 students and sustaining the momentum generated by the Priority Solidarity Fund (FSP) “Support for the development of French in Tanzania”.

In terms of heritage protection, cooperation projects are underway at the archaeological site of Kilwa, the cradle of Swahili culture, and in the Ngorongoro natural park.

Updated : 24 february 2016