Marshall Islands

Political relations

Our relationship with the Republic of the Marshall Islands, while remaining modest, is developing gradually. France’s Embassy in the Philippines conducts technical and cultural cooperation activities with its funds and with the assistance of the Pacific Fund.

France has financed photovoltaic electrification projects on Namdrik and Mejit atolls. Financial aid to an NGO highly active in preserving the cultural heritage of these islands (manufacturing traditional canoes), promoting better integration for disadvantaged groups (young offenders), was also granted in 2011.

Other actions are planned in several areas: academic and scientific (water, environment, natural hazards), politics (training Public Administration officials), cultural (heritage preservation and museology).

The President of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Mr. Litowka Tomeing, participated in the third France-Oceania Summit held in Nouméa on July 31st, 2009. Our Ambassador in Manila is accredited with the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Updated on 28.12.2011