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Hungary – Meeting between Harlem Désir and Szabolcs Takács, Hungarian Minister of State for EU Affairs (Paris, 17 February 2015)

They will discuss Europe’s major challenges: the fight against terrorism, investment, building an energy union, preparing the 2015 Paris Climate Conference and the situation in Ukraine.

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Political relations

France maintains quality relations with Hungary, which are deepening particularly in the context of the European Union.

Historically, after the Revolution of 1848, which had brought the two countries closer together, the signing in 1920 of the Treaty of Trianon, through which Hungary lost two-thirds of its territory, left deep marks.

The fall of the communist regime in 1990 turned a new page in the history of our bilateral relations, which are intense from an economic standpoint and confident from a political standpoint, thanks in particular to France’s support of the enlargement of NATO and the European Union.

The rate and level of contacts have increased in recent years, especially since 2004. The French President’s visit to Budapest in September 2007 made it possible to lay the foundations of a strategicpartnership, signed in May 2008 on the occasion of Prime Minister Gyurcsany’s visit to Paris. This partnership makes it possible to strengthen our dialogue on the main EU issues, to begin or deepen cooperation initiatives concerning centres of competitiveness, the agricultural sector, environmental issues and the preparation of the Hungarian presidency of the EU in 2011, in particular.

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