Improving services to foreign students in France

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs was responsible for setting up a new structure, the Centres for Studies in France (Centres pour les Etudes en France, CEF), designed to improve the services offered by our overseas agencies to students preparing to study in France and to simplify the administrative formalities involved.

As from 1st January 2007, the CEF merged with the EduFrance units to become the CampusFrance units, single gateways for any student planning to study in France. These structures serve as the overseas links of the agency responsible for international university mobility, CampusFrance.

At these centres, foreign students can submit their applications online and track their progress in real time. They can also request a personal interview and obtain help with defining their study plans, as well as accessing all the CampusFrance documentation on the higher education courses available.

Higher education establishments that are members of the scheme can also contact a CEF, stipulate the student profiles they are looking for and access vital information about potential students : study plans, validity of qualifications and diplomas, fluency in French, etc.

The establishments can then pre-enrol foreign students, without the students having to send in postal applications to France. In addition, students who are pre-enrolled in a French university will find it easier to obtain their residence permit from the prefecture once they have obtained their student long-stay visa.