Administrative steps

What are the administrative steps?

1/ Before leaving

a- a valid passport
b- a visa
c- pre-registration

a- Passport and national identification card
At the French borders, all foreigners must have a passport issued in their country. An identification card suffices for European Union nationals. Passports must be valid for at least the duration of the stay.

b- Visas
The different types of “Student” visas
What nationality, what visa to come to France?


c- Pre-registration:
Foreign students with a foreign secondary school leaving certificate who wish to enrol in pre-graduate studies at a French university must apply for preliminary admission (DAP). This is done at the cooperation and cultural action branches of French embassies abroad or agencies of CampusFrance, when they exist. This formality concerns only those students who wish to enrol in the first year of university. Students who wish to enrol in a higher level of studies must contact the university concerned directly. Those who wish to enrol in a Grande Ecole, a private institution, a University Technological Institute (IUT), or a department for advanced technicians (STS) must contact the selected institution directly.
For more information (in French): Ministry of National Education

2/ Formalities for studying in France

Practical sheets to help you with the administrative process: