Heads of a consular posts


On taking up your post

For all nominations for employment in a diplomatic mission or consular post, the mission should send to Protocol Department a Notification de nomination et de prise de fonctions (NNPF) or Notification of Nomination and Commencement.

The provisional admission of Heads of Consular Posts to the exercise of their consular functions will be notified by Protocol Department, thus making the privileges and immunities attaching to the consular function fully effective pending delivery of an exequatur. The exequatur is issued once the original of the consular commission has been sent (together with its translation into French, if necessary) indicating the French Departments within its jurisdiction, including the French Overseas Departments and the French Overseas Territories. This instrument, which recognizes the consular jurisdiction and authorizes the exercise of functions, is signed by the President of the Republic and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and published in the Journal Officiel.

Updated : July 2012