Arrival of a new Ambassador


On taking up your post

For all nominations for employment in a diplomatic mission or consular post, the mission should send to Protocol Department a Notification de nomination et de prise de fonctions (NNPF) or Notification of Nomination and Commencement.

The arrival of a new Ambassador is the subject of rules and courtesies that are the responsibility of the Ceremonial Section of Protocol Department.

When arrival takes place on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m., the new Ambassador is welcomed in the Salon d’honneur by a Protocol Department officer. At other times, the Ambassador is welcomed by reception personnel at the airport or railway station of arrival and transferred to the Salon d’honneur.

The date and time of arrival determine the order of presentation of Credentials by each Ambassador. Credentials are entered into a register by the reception agent on duty. If an Ambassador is not met on arrival, the date to be regarded as the official date of arrival is that which appears on the Note verbale sent to Protocol Department by the Embassy to confirm the Ambassador’s arrival.

The Chief of Protocol or his Deputy will pay a courtesy call on the new Ambassador in the days following his/her arrival.

A special "CMD" residence permit can then be issued to the new Ambassador when all requirements are fulfilled.


The new Ambassador will present the Chief of Protocol or his Deputy with a true copy of his credentials and of the letter of recall of his/her predecessor.

Prior to the presentation of his credentials, the new Ambassador may visit his/her French interlocutors within the departments of the different administrations and members of the Diplomatic Corps, starting with the Dean.

The new Ambassador is asked not to visit members of the Government and the Presidents of the National Assembly and the Senate and not to grant interviews.

Once the date of the credentials ceremony has been set by the President of the Republic, Protocol Department will advise the Ambassador of the date by telephone. The Ambassador will receive confirmation of the date by letter from the Chief of Protocol and will be expected to acknowledge receipt thereof, indicating in which language the meeting will be held, the place where the Ambassador is to be collected, and the names of the two collaborators who will accompany him/her.

In accordance with customary practice in Paris, credentials ceremonies are organised monthly by groups of five Ambassadors.

When the Ambassador goes away on a short-term mission or when his/her post is vacant, the Head of Mission should inform Protocol Department of this by Note verbale indicating the date of his/her departure and the name of the Chargé d’Affaires ad interim. As soon as the Ambassador returns, Protocol Department should also be informed of the date of resumption of his/her functions.

Updated : July 2012