Employment authorization


Status of various categories of foreign mission personnel

This Vade Mecum describes the diplomatic status and the legal situation of all other categories of personnel: consular officers, Embassy administrative and technical staff, consular employees and service staff.

Employment authorization

French nationals, dual nationals with the French and a foreign nationality, and permanent residents (*) engaged locally by diplomatic and consular missions will receive an employment authorization.

Depending on the case, this authorization will grant a greater or lesser degree of inviolability and immunity from jurisdiction, solely limited in any case to the official acts accomplished in the exercise of functions. It must be applied for from Protocol Department.

Employment authorization

Head of diplomatic mission CMR/A
Diplomats CR/A
Career and honorary consular officers CR/C
Administrative and technical staff, consular employees AR/A AR/C
Service staff SR/A SR/C

Documentation to be provided:

  • national identity card (French and dual nationals) or standard residence permit (permanent residents)
  • recruitment certificate
  • contract of employment copy issued by the Embassy (formalities also required in the event of renewal)

If the members of the household are not French, dual nationals possessing the French and a foreign nationality or permanent residents, they may obtain a special residence permit under the usual conditions.

Like the special residence permit, the employment authorization is in the form of a plasticized card. Likewise, the above abbreviations identify functions and the institutions where they are exercised.

Updated : july 2012