At the end of a posting


Status of various categories of foreign mission personnel

This Vade Mecum describes the diplomatic status and the legal situation of all other categories of personnel: consular officers, Embassy administrative and technical staff, consular employees and service staff.

At the end of a posting

On termination of their functions, members of missions, their families and accompanying private staff must, theoretically, leave the French territory.

The Embassy must return to Protocol Department their special residence permits or their employment authorization together with the Notification of Termination of Appointment/Employment (see attached standard form) in five copies. It is essential that this form indicate the dates of termination of functions, of departure from the territory, on which the residence permit was returned, indicating also its number, and the possible destination of private vehicles.

Diplomats who hold an airport pass giving access to airport restricted areas are to return it as well. The accreditation of a successor is conditional on the return of these documents.

It is customary for Ambassadors leaving Paris to notify Protocol Department of their departure, usually by note verbale. On departure, Protocol Department bids the Ambassador farewell in the Salon d’honneur (where Ambassadors are also welcomed on arrival); farewell ceremonies are held from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. excepting on national holidays.

For the head of a consular post, the nomination for appointment of the successor must be submitted together with the Notification of Termination of Appointment/Employment. The special residence permit should be returned to Protocol Department following approval of the successor’s nomination.

Updated : july 2012