Occupation of dependants


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Occupation of dependants

Mission staff may not engage in paid employment while exercising official functions.

Their dependants are not allowed to work in France unless they are nationals of the European Union (EU) or of a country with which France has signed a reciprocal agreement.

Where authorization to exercise a professional activity is deemed valid, the Embassy concerned must nevertheless apply for approval from Protocol Department. Such authorization will be valid only for the duration of the agent’s functions.

The recipient of the employment authorization will be expected to comply with:

  • tax regulations, with regard to the income earned from his/her occupation in France
  • the obligation to contribute to the personal insurance (social security) scheme.

In this case, the person concerned will not enjoy any form of immunity or be able to claim customs or tax relief in regard to questions relating to his/her occupation.

Children of the holder of a special residence permit who themselves hold a special residence permit may not take paid vocational training courses. Such courses are effectively intended for "adults and yound people who have already entered or are entering the labour market" (Article L900-1 of the employment Code) and designed to provide persons intending to remain in France with professional qualifications.