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Social protection

Members of Diplomatic Missions who are foreign nationals and hold a special residence permit benefit from the social protection scheme of their country of origin, except where they contribute to specific schemes covering social risks through approved French bodies or private companies.

  • Under the Couverture Maladie Universelle - CMU (Universal sickness cover), "members of diplomatic and consular staff posted to France and accompanying family members" are excluded from the "general (basic) French Sécurité sociale scheme". However, persons who joined the personal insurance scheme (régime de l’assurance personnelle) before 1st January 2000, on which date the Act entered into force, may, at their request, join the general (basic) scheme for a transitional period due to end at the latest on 30 September 2002, provided they have been resident in metropolitan France or a French Overseas Department for more than three consecutive months.
  • Missions may opt for their staff to join "specific schemes" providing cover against social risks through approved private bodies or companies.
  • Holders of special residence permits are not entitled to benefit from the family benefits scheme (régime des prestations familiales).

Updated : July 2012