Cultural property:
includes pictures and paintings executed entirely by hand, on any medium and in any material, valued at over 150,000 euros; original engravings and prints valued at over 15,000 euros; statuary and sculptures valued at over 50,000 euros.

Property whose value, on the date of application for the movement certificate is greater than or equal to the above thresholds is subject to export formalities (see Annex to Council Regulation (EEC) No. 3911/92 of 9 December 1992 on the export of cultural goods and to Decree No. 93-124 of 29 January 1993 adopted to implement Law No. 92/1477 of 31 December 1992).

Official correspondence:
means correspondence sent and received by missions and relating to their functions

Luggage inspection/security checks:
area where the inspection of personal luggage and passenger security checks are conducted. Facilities in those areas usually include control equipment such as archway metal detectors, screening devices, etc.

Official premises:
these premises house diplomatic or consular chancery services, including the residence of the Head of a mission or that of the Head of a consular post (where this is provided for by a reciprocal agreement). They exclude service staff quarters, offices, government centres set up by certain countries to exercise administrative, commercial or cultural activities, such as tourist offices, cultural centres and institutes, offices and representations exercising a commercial activity, etc.

Articles for personal use:
include household effects, such as personal belongings, household linen, furnishings and equipment intended for the personal use of the persons concerned or for the upkeep of their residence; cycles, motorcycles, motor vehicles for private use including trailers, campers, yachts and private planes; household goods, house pets and saddle horses.

Regulation passport-size photographs:
recent fullface photograph (45mm x 35mm) giving a perfect likeness; required head height: 17mm-23mm; the top of the head should be positioned 10mm from the upper edge of the photograph, which must have a light background; the person is to be photographed bareheaded; the photograph must in any case definitely show the person’s full face, neck, hairline and ears.

Permanent resident:
a permanent resident is a major person and non-EEA foreign national who, at the time of notification of his/her assignment, was ordinarily resident in France and held a full residence permit. These provisions do not apply to students who have come to France to go to university.