Visit by Harlem Désir to the Loiret (September 30, 2016)


Harlem Désir, Minister of State for European Affairs, visited the Loiret on Friday, September 30, as part of his tour of the regions of France focusing on the theme of how Europe can benefit the regions, economic development, innovation and employment, especially youth employment.

The minister of state visited Amilly for the 30th anniversary of the association ALPEJ which works to promote youth employment and social inclusion. The EU provides funding to the Regional Federation of Economic Integration Enterprises through the European Social Fund to support 17 enterprises in the sector including the association ALPEJ. The minister of state reaffirmed France’s determination to boost recognition of European social enterprises and associations.

Harlem Désir then travelled to Saint-Cyr en Val to visit the workshop of Altyor Technochina, an innovative company that designs and manufactures connected devices and is a beneficiary of the Juncker Investment Plan.

With €14.5 billion already received in funding, France is the leading beneficiary of infrastructure and innovation projects financed under the Juncker Plan.

The minister of state also met with elected officials and local economic actors for a working lunch focusing on the mobilization of European funds in the region. Indeed, more than €666 million in European Structural and Investment Funds have been allocated to this region for the period 2014-2020.