Heritage – Italy – Inauguration of the Carracci Gallery in the Palazzo Farnese following restoration work (Rome, September 17, 2015)


The Carracci Gallery in the Palazzo Farnese, a historic monument belonging to the Italian state which has housed the Embassy of France in Italy since 1874, has been completely restored for the first time in its history.

This jewel in the crown of Italian painting will reopen its doors on September after 18 months of renovations. The masterpiece created by the Carracci brothers has been restored to its original splendor following delicate restoration work, carried out under the auspices of the Embassy of France and the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage.

The Palazzo Farnese will be open to the public during the European Heritage Days on September 19 and 20.

Images of the Carracci Gallery can be found online on the France Diplomatie website.