Budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development – 2017 finance bill (September 29, 2016)


The 2017 budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development comes to €4.6797 billion.

It breaks down as follows:
  • €3.0284 billion for external action of the State (programs 105, 151 and 185)
  • €1.6513 billion for official development assistance (program 209 only)

At constant scope (accounting for the one-time credits allocated for COP 21 in 2016, i.e., €139.2 million that is non-renewable for 2017), the budget is up by %115 (+€53.4 million), in order to meet the following priories:

  • with respect to external action of the State, increasing resources devoted to the security of French nationals abroad, the fight against terrorism and radicalization (+€62.6 million);
  • with respect to official development assistance, increasing assistance in the form of donations (+€83.4 million), in accordance with the trajectory established by the President (on the order of €400 million by 2020).

At the same time, the Ministry is working to control public spending and reduce deficits. Structural savings will be made in 2017 on the State’s external action and will affect:

  • contributions to international organizations;
  • Ministry operations, notably with respect to the streamlining of networks abroad.

The Ministry will also help reduce the national debt by €60 million.