Archives - Publication of the catalogue of the works looted by Goering (September 30, 2015)


The Diplomatic Archives, in collaboration with historian Jean-Marc Dreyfus, will today publish, through Flammarion, the full Goering Catalogue, which includes all of the paintings looted during the Second World War for this Nazi official.

In the preface, Laurent Fabius reaffirms that “the Goering Collection, put together out of a sense of nationalism, aimed to extol the purity and grandeur of German art. It is an abhorrent hunting trophy, the result of the criminal plundering of the treasures of European art. Works of art should never be treated as objects of prey. They are the common property of all mankind.”

This exceptional document, which was uncovered by Rose Valland, who, after the war, helped to identify, salvage and recover more than 45,000 looted works of art, reveals the scale of the thefts committed by the Nazis throughout Europe and has made it possible to advance the restitution efforts. All the works of art not reported missing have been returned.

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