Archives Diplomatiques – “Le Congrès de Vienne, l’invention d’une nouvelle Europe” (Musée Carnavalet, April 8 – August 30, 2015)


From April 8 through August 31, the Musée Carnavalet will host the exhibit “Le Congrès de Vienne, l’invention d’une nouvelle Europe,” organized by the Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development.

For the first time, the original Final Act of the Congress of Vienna, signed on June 9, 1815, will be presented to the public along with a number of other never-before-displayed documents, such as letters from Talleyrand to Louis XVIII and orders from Napoleon during the Hundred Days. Cards, engravings, caricatures and portraits, notably of Talleyrand, will convey the events and atmosphere of 1814 and 1815 in Paris and Vienna.

The exhibit shows how the Congress of Vienna ushered in a new European conflict-resolution system, one that would endure until 1914. Vienna was also where the principles of abolishing the slave trade and establishing the freedom of navigation and trade on major rivers were proclaimed.

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