29th Ambassadors’ Conference - Communique issued by the ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (18 August 2023)


Mme Catherine Colonna, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, will bring together French ambassadors for the 29th Ambassadors’ Conference from Monday 28 August to Wednesday 30 August 2023.

An important meeting of the French foreign service, the Ambassadors’ Conference will provide an opportunity to put forward the priorities that will steer the work of our diplomatic network’s 162 ambassadors and 15 permanent representatives of France to international organizations.

Over the course of three days of work this year dedicated to the French foreign service’s ambition to “affirm our principles, our interests and our solidarities”, those involved in our diplomacy will be eager to discuss and share their experience, and also review our action and propose solutions for an overhauled, reformed foreign service, following on from the Foreign Service Review, which was held this winter and President Macron brought to a close on 16 March 2023. This time for reflection and proposals will be enriched by discussions with members of Parliament and representatives of civil society.

Through this 29th Ambassadors’ Conference, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs is fully contributing to the transformation of public services and working to establish a more caring world, serving France’s interests.