Statement by the Spokesperson of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs - death of Mr Loïc Hennekine (21 Apr. 20)


The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs extends its most sincere condolences to the family and friends of Mr Loïc Hennekinne.

Mr Loïc Hennekinne was an Ambassador of France and a former Secretary-General of the Ministry. He marked the foreign policy of our country, beginning and ending his career with a country close to his heart: Italy, a major partner for France. He was also Ambassador to Indonesia, Japan and Canada, before completing his career at the Palazzo Farnese, the French Embassy in Rome.

We also pay tribute to the memory of a man of conviction. He was Diplomatic Adviser to President Mitterrand, and in 1973 he took part in the courageous actions of our Embassy to Chile, taking in almost 600 political activists persecuted after General Pinochet’s coup d’État against President Allende.

France, and the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs in particular, have lost a great public servant.