Soft power – 2,000th guest welcomed in the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs’ program for “personalities of the future” (12 March 2019)


This week the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs is welcoming its 2,000th guest in its Invitation Program for Personalities of the Future (PIPA).

Run by the Ministry’s Center for Analysis, Planning and Strategy, this program marks its 30th anniversary this year. It extends invitations to foreign personalities who are still at the beginning of their careers, whose influence is growing but who have a limited knowledge of our country. They may be elected representatives or political leaders, high officials, academics, or representatives of civil society or the economic sphere. These promising figures are identified by our diplomatic and consular network in areas all over the world. Gender parity is respected. Each year some 75 figures from around the world receive a PIPA invitation.

The 2,000th PIPA guest is Hina Lotia, Director Programmes for LEAD, a Pakistani environmental NGO. Like all of the program’s guests, Ms. Lotia will enjoy a week of personalized study, during which she will meet with major French figures and researchers from ministries, institutions and associations in the fields of climate change, water management and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She will be able to deepen her knowledge of our country and create lasting ties with France.