United States: Creating a meeting space for the scientific community (29 July 2015)


The Networking Event in Science and Technology (NEST) aims to bring together scientist graduates with knowledge of research in both France and the United States, and who are genuine science ambassadors between our two countries.

NEST is first and foremost a forum of conviviality, enabling researchers, entrepreneurs and policy makers to meet and communicate. It is also an opportunity for alumni to meet during a high-level annual scientific event.

Aims: encouraging cooperation and sharing information

  • Identifying the French scientists working long-term in public and private laboratories;
  • Encouraging long-term collaborations between French and American researchers; informing the scientific graduate community of research funding and mobility opportunities for doctoral students in France, Europe and the United States;
  • Inviting the community to share information;
  • Building on the community as a relay supporting the mobility of researchers and students.Building a unique influential networkThis project addresses the difficulties in identifying the French scientific community in the US and existing collaborations, owing to the very large number of informal contacts that are forged. As an exhaustive census is unrealistic, the unprecedented NEST initiative identifies a part of that community and enables an increasing number of scientific contacts who are prepared to invest in collaboration projects. That community is a unique influential network.

Showcasing French excellence in the scientific arena

The building of the alumni network is based on the individual contacts of scientific attachés and represents only a fraction of the community of interest. However, this community of French and American researchers actively collaborating with France is prepared to mobilise support so as to share and highlight French innovation and scientific quality. Identifying and supporting the community is an effective means of showcasing French excellence in these areas and of developing our soft power.


The project involves partnerships with scientific bodies associated with NEST (such as INSERM in 2014) and with Consulates General, bringing together local scientific communities (consulates in Houston for the January 2015 meeting and Los Angeles in May2015).

Latest news

In 2015, diplomatic posts in Houston (January) and Los Angeles (May) brought together the scientific communities of Texas and California, who were received in the French residences by the Consuls General and representatives of the scientific network.

The expansion of the alumni network continues and, under the auspices of the EU Delegation in Washington, this project is shared with European partners of the French Embassy that also wish to mobilize their scientific communities in the US.

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