Tunisia: Bringing together young people to debate and build projects together (April 29, 2015)


Building on its experience from the past four forums, the Youth Forum is returning to Tunis in 2015 on 1, 2 and 3 May.

This event is bringing together over 300 young people from Tunisia and the Mediterranean region to debate and build projects together for the Tunisia of the future. They will be supported by experts, representatives of international associations and of technical and financial partners.

This year, sustainable development is being showcased. This theme will be the focus of different workshops, the cornerstone of the forum where young people will exchange and share their experiences. They will construct their projects there, accompanied by experts and representatives of reputable associations and international donors. Round tables will be held in which young people can discuss current events and are an opportunity to enhance these workshops.

In order to enable networking and develop projects led by Tunisia’s civil society even further, the forum has set up a “village of associations” and organised evening events for participants’ entertainment.

Objectives: hold discussions and come up with projects

  • Promote networking,
  • Strengthen the civil society of the Mediterranean region,
  • Develop French cooperation in Tunisia.

Actors and partnerships forged

Organised at the initiative of the Institut français of Tunisia (IF Tunisia), in partnership with French and Tunisian associations and with the support of the Institut français of Paris (IF Paris), French embassies in Amman, Rabat, Algiers, Tripoli and Cairo, French local governments and private partners.

  • 200 young Tunisians working in associations with project ideas
  • 80 committed young people from France and 40 from other countries in the Mediterranean region, ready to share their experiences with their Tunisian counterparts and to join their work on community projects in Tunisia
  • Experts in their respective areas, from associations that are recognised for their professionalism
  • Representatives of technical and financial partners and French local governments

Participatory is the watchword

The 2015 Youth Forum has been created for and with associations. There are over ten Tunisian associations that are actively involved in the design and implementation of the project, supported by calls for ideas from Tunisian civil society.

A specific financing facility then helps fund the more innovative projects from this Forum.

A strong symbol of France’s commitment to young people

This year France reaffirmed the priority of young people in its external action.

France’s commitment to this forum, which will take place on the new premises of the Institut français, is a strong symbol of its involvement in Tunisia and in the Mediterranean area to promote young people’s civic commitment, strengthen youth associations and foster ties between young people in Tunisia, France and other countries.

Organising this forum at the IF Tunisia sends the message to young people in Tunisia that it is also a place for them.

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