Poland : Helping businesses recruit French-speaking staff (4 March 2015)


Businesses in the Lesser Poland region are seeking native French-speaking employees or employees with a high standard of French. To meet their needs, the Institut français in Kraków (IFC) regularly organizes job fairs.

The IFC allows businesses to use its website to post offers of jobs and work experience. Applicants are not charged for these events, which are funded by businesses.

These events aim to give new impetus to learning French.

Objectives: Promote the Institut français and French as a working language

  • Work to increase the profile of and promote the Institut français within businesses: expertise, efficiency, modern premises and teaching equipment, presentation of courses and certifications;
  • Create a momentum around the IFC regarding French as a working language, consider French as a possible working language, even outside France;
  • Allow applicants togain access to employment as a result of French.

Assessment of the 2014 edition

The warm welcome and modern teaching equipment (use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) for education, in particular the interactive whiteboard and the computer-based French language test (TCF)) enabled the company leaders to discover the services offered by the Institut français.

Following the event, the IFC was contacted by businesses with regard to French-language training, diplomas in French language studies (DELF) and TCFs for their employees.

As a result, about 30 applicants of the 98 in attendance secured a job. Good communication (particularly communicating information internally to teachers) was key to the event’s success.

Actors and partnerships forged

This project is managed by the staff at the Institut français in Kraków and receives help from businesses, IFC students, multimedia library members and the wider Francophile public.

Latest news

The next recruitment day has been planned for 6 March 2015. The challenge for this edition is to propose cultural sponsorship to businesses at the event.

Further information on the website l’Institut français in Kraków (in French) : institutfrancais.pl/cracovie/2015/01/offres-demploi-et-stages-en-entreprises-salons-de-recrutements/

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