Morocco: stepping up cooperation in the field of training (April 8, 2015)


The Moroccan Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Professional Training (MESRSFC) wants to develop high-level training and research opportunities for large numbers of talented students who do not necessarily have the resources to study abroad. To meet this demand, agreements have been signed aiming to encourage setting up branches of grandes écoles and international universities, as well as providing French training in engineering to Moroccan institutions.

These projects receive a lot of help from French partners who want to build their international network. They can thus export "French" expertise which meets the needs of local authorities. They require good communication with Moroccan public higher education stakeholders. The Moroccan higher education system uses the French language and is closely modelled on the French system, which helps when implementing these projects.

Plans for eight institutions have been drawn up or are ongoing, including a Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy in Agadir. This work is part of the comprehensive framework to help Morocco modernize its health sector.

Objectives: delivering excellence in training and research

  • development of training for senior positions (e.g. engineers, architects);
  • enhanced cooperation in research;
  • assistance in the area of health training;
  • support for training middle management.

Actors and partnerships forged

The scientific unit of the Embassy’s cooperation and cultural action section monitors various projects by centralizing information on the progress of the work. It is involved in varying degrees in the different monitoring committees which have been put in place.

As well as the Moroccan MESRSFC and French Ministry for Higher Education and Research, the French partners include:

  • INSA (National lnstitutes of Applied Sciences) Group
  • Board of Directors of the University Institutes of Technology (ADIUT)
  • École centrale de Paris
  • Higher Education and Research Cluster at Paris-Est University (PRES Paris-Est)
  • National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (CNAM)
  • University of Lorraine (Nancy School of Architecture)
  • etc. The Moroccan partners include:
  • Rabat International University
  • Euro-Mediterranean University of Fes
  • The network of higher colleges of technology
  • École centrale de Casablanca
  • Ministry of Industry
  • etc.

Focus: the School of Architecture at Rabat International University (UIR), a job well done

The UIR, PRES Paris-Est and the Nancy School of Architecture collaborated to set up a school of architecture in Rabat. The School opened in September 2013 and produced 104 graduates in its first year, and 120 in the 2014-2015 year. The courses and the recruitment of lecturer-researchers were jointly designed and implemented by the partners. One lecturer was provided by the Nancy School of Architecture. Discussions are underway to award a dual qualification to Moroccan students who successfully complete their training.

Focus: opening of INSA Euro-Mediterranean in September 2015

Now part of the Euro-Mediterranean University of Fes, for the 2015-2016 academic year INSA Euro-Med will provide training in engineering which will include an internationally-oriented preparatory cycle. It will bring together students from Mediterranean and sub-Saharan African countries and will include extensive international mobility in its courses.

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