Madagascar: diversifying network resources to improve teaching of French (27 May 2015)


The European Union Delegation has decided to draw on the ability of the French network to implement programmes supporting the teaching of French in the framework of its projects. This decision is based in particular on the synergies between the French MAPEF (Madagascar – APpui à l’Enseignement du et en Français / Support for teaching in and of French) project and the European PASSOBA-Education project. This approach has made it possible to obtain European funding and enabled the implementation of the project by the Institut français (French Institute) in Madagascar.

The MAPEF (Madagascar - Appui à l’Enseignement du et en Français) project

The MAPEF project contributes to improving teaching of and in French in Madagascar. It is being implemented thanks to the will demonstrated by the national authorities to establish quality teaching in a bilingual environment.

Seven geographical areas have been identified, taking into account pupil numbers, the proximity of major urban areas with deconcentrated bodies of the Ministry of National Education including local French-speaking exchange centres, the presence of academic resource institutions, and the existence of resource centres such as Alliances françaises and Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) establishments.


  • By improving the abilities of primary and secondary education teachers; by supporting research into teaching of and in French.
  • By promoting the “quality” approach in establishments through training of school principals and head teachers in the project’s approach and designing and promoting teaching materials for or in French.
  • By revitalizing teachers’ networks; by increasing resources for teaching of and in French in regional training centres; by supporting French teachers’ associations.

Aims: contributing to improving teaching of and in French in Madagascar

This project is aimed at managers and teachers in primary education and aims to:

  • support the European Union Delegation in its efforts for education and training,
  • improve the quality of teaching of and in French,
  • affirm the French Institute in Madagascar as an operator of EU funding.

Actors and partnerships forged

The MAPEF project team works with all the technical and financial partners involved in supporting Madagascar’s education system, including the World Bank, UNICEF, the European Union, UNESCO, Norway, the World Food Programme (WFP), and International Labour Office (ILO) and, of course, the major stakeholders of French cooperation: the Agence française de développement (AFD, French Development Agency) and the Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF, University Agency for Francophonie).

It works to conduct actions supporting teaching of and in French, involving La Réunion and Mayotte through regional decentralized cooperation. The network of French school establishments (AEFE, Agency for French Education Abroad) and that of Alliances françaises are also involved in partnerships for specific projects. The project team also works with a considerable number of associations, most of which active in the area of education.

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