Indonesia: providing information about France in Indonesian universities (July 15, 2015)


Since 2012, the Institut Français in Indonesia (IFI) has been setting up centres within Indonesian higher education establishments to promote France and provide information on cooperation between France and Indonesia; these centres are known as Warung Prancis.

The purpose of these lively, open and friendly centres is to show that France is very accessible in Indonesia, despite the geographical - and sometimes psychological - distance separating the two countries.

The aim: to make France more attractive

  • promote France and its universities to Indonesian teachers and students;
  • publicize Institut Français initiatives;
  • establish a new dynamic between the Institut Français and universities;
  • enable candidates to access the French university system with a clear plan.

Promoting culture, higher education and tourism

In each Warung Prancis, visitors have access to a collection of resources on contemporary France (books, CDs, DVDs, magazines, etc.) provided by the IFI. New tools developed by the Institut Français, such as the Culturethèque and IFCinéma platforms, are available in each Warung Prancis. Throughout2015, each centre will have a subscription to the French music platform Deezer.

The Warung Prancis inform people about what France has to offer in terms of higher education and enable the Campus France Indonesia teams to raise awareness within universities among students who are considering studying in France, and to present the co-funded scholarship programmes set up by IFI.

Since2014, the Warung Prancis have also promoted tourism in France and its regions.

Organizing promotional events

With the support of the IFI, the Warung Prancis regularly organize French lessons for beginners, cookery workshops, film clubs and presentations on higher education in France. This helps the IFI and the Alliance Française network to reach a new audience. Alumni often help to run these activities, for example by coming to share their experience with Indonesian students who are interested in studying in France.

The Warung Prancis also help to publicize the various initiatives of the IFI, such as Printemps Français, a festival which gives an overview of the contemporary French arts scene. Another example is the Fête de la Science, a science festival which will focus this year on combating climate change and protecting the environment, in preparation for COP21, which will be held in Paris in December2015.

Delegating centre management to Indonesian partners

This programme is run by the IFI, through each of its branches (Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya et Yogyakarta) and the Alliance Française centres (Denpasar-Bali, Medan, Semarang, Balikpapan). The innovative feature of this programme is that it is financed by the host establishments. They provide the centre and are responsible for its management, as well as for recruiting and remunerating its supervisors, who are trained and supported by the IFI.

Latest news

The Warung Prancis programme currently consists of 37 centres throughout Indonesian territory (Sumatra, Java, Bali, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Maluku Islands).

Demand from universities continues to grow and further openings are already planned for the second half of 2015.

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