Estonia: Innovating in a digital world (April 22, 2015)


Estonia is an innovative and high-tech country, nicknamed “e-Estonia” or “the start-up nation of Europe”.

In this context, the Institut Français of Tallinn (IF Tallinn) has offered to be a pilot institution, a test centre for exploration of the Institut Français of Paris (IF Paris) on the development of digital-friendly institutes.

With this in mind, the IF Tallinn is offering and testing different products and procedures including:

  • Interactive exhibitions, digital platforms such as IF Cinéma, IF Verso or Culturethèque…), created by IF-Paris
  • Hybrid courses, a self-learning portion via the Moodle platform and “one-to-one” sessions with a teacher on Skype
  • Experimentation with Lingvist ( in collaboration with IF Paris and IF London, a learning platform developed by an Estonian
  • The creation of a programme to teach French to young children via ICT/UICT, the FrancoKlikk project
  • The exhibition "Let’s play?! Computer games from France and Germany" at the KUMU Art Museum of Estonia showcasing France and Germany’s creativity in the area of video games
  • Decisive assistance in organising the European Innovation Academy in Nice, an Estonian project ( on the FrancoKlikk project, an “Introduction to French” programme that can be replicated


Disseminate the French language using ICT/UCIT learning in nursery schools in e-Estonia

Taking into account that:

  • The earlier children learn, the easier it is.
  • In Estonia, it is important that French be taught with new technologies. They have a positive impact on children’s motivation, they increase their ability to learn and they raise the profile of our language among parents and teachers.


Five training courses (40 hours) were established and recognised by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research. They aim to:

  • Strengthen skills and knowledge of nursery school teachers in ICT/UICT to teach a foreign language,
  • Launch momentum for sharing ideas and advice and create a nursery school teachers’ UICT network. In addition to providing training on language learning, children’s literature, and games, equipment must be purchased for this project. Five nursery schools of different kinds (public, private and in various areas) have already set up these courses in their schools and the project continues to develop. Given its success, other nursery schools have asked to take part.

Participants and partnerships

The FrancoKlikk project began in August 2014 and was launched by the IF Tallinn in partnership with Estonia’s Ministry of Education and Research, Microsoft/Skype and five nursery schools.

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