Denmark: promoting the French language through multilingualism (3 June 2015)


Denmark has its own foreign languages championship: DM i Sprog!
Sprog means “language” in Danish, and DM i is the name given to all Denmark’s national championships. It’s a bit like the Champion’s League. The country already had DM i Fodbolt and DM i Håndbold. Now it also has DM i Sprog.

The 2014 event involved almost 3000school pupils across Denmark. The next edition of this multilingual school contest (French, German, Spanish) will begin in September2015.

A two-phase championship

An online qualifying round takes place through a Moodle platform developed for the competition. Pupils are registered by their teachers on the DMiSprog website. They have 45minutes to answer multiple-choice questions individually, on grammar, vocabulary and culture. The five best schools in each category qualify for the semi-finals and finals. The first round is open to schools for one month.

The semi-finals and finals are organized on the same day in a high school. Games that are familiar to young participants, such as Memory, Who wants to be a DMi Sprog winner, and Jeopardy are used to rank teams in a very playful atmosphere.

An online platform developed for the occasion

The Moodle platform was produced by a private developer using funding provided jointly by the French Institute in Denmark, the Goethe Institute, and six associations of language teachers.

The platform allows teachers to register pupils directly on the website, selects 100 questions at random – out of the 600available – for each pupil to answer, and calculates the results of the pupils and the average score of each school.

The questions were designed by language teachers.


  • promoting French through multilingualism
  • giving a modern, playful image to languages
  • involving schools in a project on foreign languages.

Stakeholders and partnerships forged

This project was made possible by a long-term partnership between:

  • the French Institute in Denmark
  • the Goethe Institute in Denmark
  • Fransklærerforeningen (association of French language teachers)
  • Sproglærerforeningen (association of foreign language teachers)
  • Spansklærerforeningen (association of Spanish language teachers)
  • Tysklærerforeningen for Grundskolen (association of German language primary school teachers)
  • Tysklærerforeningen for Gymnasiet (association of German language high school teachers)
  • Handelsskolernes Tysklærerforenignen (association of German language vocational college teachers)
  • Ya Til Sprog (business-sponsored association campaigning for foreign language learning)
  • Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium (high school).

These partnerships cover the funding of the platform and of prizes, the creation of questions, event publicity, and annual organization of the competition.

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