Australia : Networking French researchers (18 March 2015)


To promote and perpetuate the French research presence in Australia, as well as to strengthen its ties with the economic sector, the French Embassy in Australia created the French Researchers in Australia Network (FRAN).

FRAN brings together French researchers working all over Australia in a wide variety of research areas such as health, life sciences, the environment, agronomy, mathematics, information technology, human sciences, etc. There are now almost 340 research members in contact with each other on the LinkedIn social network group created by the Embassy.

A forum which is organized each year allows these scientists to build closer links with the economic and industrial forces in the country, as well as to identify new areas for collaboration and innovation.

Objectives: gather, inform and promote

  • Facilitate new RD projects involving French businesses already set up in Australia or which are interested in the Australian market;
  • Follow the careers and activities of the French research actors in Australia and promote excellence in French research in Australia;
  • Inform French researchers about research priorities, changes in the research landscape and financing in France and Australia.

Benefit of the forum: closer ties between scientific and economic forces

This project is a model for linking together researchers with business representatives on RD-related issues, thus creating new ideas for exchanges and collaborations.

Closer links between the two RD strategies of France and Australia are beneficial for both French businesses and French science, represented by the FRAN network.

Latest edition in harmony with COP21

The 3rd FRAN Forum was held at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney on 18-19 November 2014. It brought together over 150 people and addressed the issues of climate change (with a view to COP21) and RD.

In addition to disciplines linked to climate change, the FRAN Forum accommodated all fields of science. A discussion between a business panel and the audience, as well as a Posters session (display of researchers’ projects) enabled the scientific and business communities to exchange ideas.

Actors and partnerships forged

Led by the French Embassy in Australia in France which organizes and manages the forum, this project brings together all "Team France" actors:

  • French-Australian Chamber of Commerce Industry (FACCI),
  • Business France,
  • as well as researchers from the FRAN network. The project also brings together major Australian actors:
  • Australian Academy of Science
  • Australian universities (Group of Eight (Go8), Australian Technology Network (ATN)) The third edition of the forum was organized in partnership with the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

This year:

The Embassy is also carrying out targeted actions in different States, creating thematic regional working groups. These groups meet in a single city to discuss a specific issue, gathering together industrial project leaders from French companies, engineers and researchers from Australian laboratories who are seeking partners, and political decision-makers from host States.

The three events planned for 2015 in the main Australian state capitals deal with climate, smart cities (new urban planning technologies) and e-technologies (such as cutting-edge science in the fields of health, energy and the environment).

Useful websites

Next week, ’Our innovative network’ will discuss building business-university partnerships in Argentina