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Israel: creating a discussion forum for cultural industry professionals (12 August 2015)

Since 2010, the Institut français in Israel has been organizing an annual forum on cultural industries, enabling French and Israeli professionals to meet with each other. Over two to three days, there will be a selection of round tables, professional "B2B" meetings, project presentations, pitches, showcases, strategic company tours for the relevant industry, as well as opportunities for informal discussions. The forums deal with the sectors of broadcasting (cinema, TV programmes, TV series, hosting) and the music industry.

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Every Wednesday, see how the cooperation and cultural action network responds on the ground throughout the world to the new challenges of our diplomacy.

"Our innovative network": 24 innovative projects in 24 countries with themes as varied as: climate, sustainable cities, Francophonie, economic diplomacy, cultural and creative industries, development, research, digital technology, civil society, youth…

Using the cultural network to develop our economic diplomacy

Broadening the competencies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development (MAEDI) towards foreign trade and the promotion of tourism means adapting the cooperation and cultural action network. This network is the symbol of France’s external action; in this way, it is used as a platform for this new strategy, described by Laurent Fabius as "comprehensive diplomacy". France projects a positive image of itself through its culture, its language, its academic and scientific cooperation and its education system. French economic and strategic diplomacy draws on this cultural, intellectual, scientific and linguistic influence.

Fighting for environmental protection and against climate disruption

One of the major challenges for 2015 is environmental protection and the fight against climate disruption (website of COP 21 – Paris Climate Conference 2015). The role of the network, through its presence around the world, is essential as it is crucial to encourage civil society and the business community to take ownership of climate issues - in short, to launch a genuine public debate. The network conducts detailed work which involves identifying the local agents for change in each territory.

Supporting young people in developing countries

Helping young people in developing countries is a major issue. Today, there are 1.2 billion young people between the ages of 15 and 24, and by 2035, they will number 1.5 billion. These young people are the workers, the consumers, the citizens and the leaders of tomorrow. They are key players for development and solidarity, but also for influence. They can be the driving force for innovation and economic prosperity in the years ahead. To this end, the network is working hard in several areas: to improve training and employment, gender equality, health and citizenship.

Revitalizing the Francophonie

The vibrancy of the young people in developing countries offers bright prospects for the Francophonie. Currently, 60% of the population in French-speaking countries is under 30. Certain forecasts suggest there could potentially be 700 million French-speakers by 2050, over 80% of whom would be in Africa. To make this potential a reality, the MAEDI network and operators, in collaboration with the education systems in those countries, are providing these young people with French classes. The aim of this mobilization is to make the Francophonie even more dynamic and the French language all the more attractive.

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