2017 Legislative elections – First round – Voting for French nationals abroad (3-4 June 2017)

Nearly 1.3 million French citizens abroad who are registered on consular voting lists will be eligible to vote in the first round of legislative elections on June 3 in the Americas and June 4 in the rest of the world.

French citizens abroad will vote in the first round ahead of French citizens in continental France and its overseas departments and territories, notably because of the time frames involved in receiving campaign materials by mail.

180 candidates in all are registered in this election. There are 11 electoral districts, and voters can vote at polling places in their district. 717 polling places at 450 sites are available to voters, who can also vote by proxy or by mail. Due to security threats to electronic voting, the government chose not to use this option.

  • Results will be available on the Interior Ministry website.

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