"Vu(e) de ma fenêtre" (Seen from my window) application


Following the “Carnets diplomatiques" blog, the “Chroniques diplomatiques" Tumblr site and the "Voyage dans le temps" application, the Quai d’Orsay is proposing a new application - "Vu(e) de ma fenêtre" (Seen from my window) which will allow you to take a tour around the offices of the French diplomatic network.

From Buenos Aires to Luanda, Berlin to Kuala Lumpur, working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development means living in contrasting worlds. This application will provide a glimpse, through photos, gifs and time-lapse videos, of what diplomatic network personnel can see behind their windows on a daily basis.

Sit down and take a tour of the offices of those who work for the ministry:


NB: Since most of the photos are high definition, they may take longer to download, depending on your Internet connection speed.

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