Innovating by mobilising stakeholders: 10 proposals for a new approach to development assistance (June 2014)


Emmanuel Faber, co-chief operating officer and vice-chairman of the board of Danone, a major business with a long-standing commitment to social innovation, and Jay Naidoo, a South African former trade unionist and ANC leader, who stood alongside Nelson Mandela in his struggle and as a minister in his government. He now chairs the NGO Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), were asked by the French ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development to study innovation in the development assistance field and its links to the positive agenda of sustainable development.

This report opens the debate through tangible proposals aimed at fostering stakeholder mobilization in the inclusive economy area (social enterprises, investors concerned about the public interest, foundations and NGOs inventing profitable economic models, etc.). In so doing, it raises deep questions concerning how assistance has been conceived and implemented over the years. It advocates more catalytic assistance, leveraging hybrid partnerships designed to contribute effectively to the sustainable development of African landscapes.

It was produced through the consultation and contribution of numerous international leaders, experts, public and private stakeholders, civil society, major companies and NGOs, and suggests innovative approaches that challenge the common understanding of official development assistance.

This report is also available in French