France and the promotion of archaeology abroad (April 2014)


French archaeology abroad upholds a tradition of excellence in research carried out alongside France’s partners. As such, it makes a significant contribution to the country’s international influence. The commitment made by host countries in terms of human and financial resources demonstrates that France’s expertise is widely recognized and that local governments are interested in setting up scientific partnerships, which not only help train archaeology and heritage professionals but also boost economic and sustainable development.

Archaeology, which is fundamental to the understanding of territories, peoples and their identities, also helps to build lasting relationships with civil societies, including in countries in crisis, by establishing networks to link communities of researchers.

To support these partnerships, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development funds archaeological projects, in consultation with the Advisory Commission for Archaeological Research Abroad, while universities and the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) provide researchers and develop teaching programmes on French areas of expertise and methodology. The institutional stakeholders involved in this French initiative work in a particularly complementary manner to ensure that all aspects of archaeology are covered, from planning the geographical distribution of French research abroad to meeting the scientific, economic and political expectations of their partners.