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This translation is provided as a courtesy. While we make every effort to ensure that it is both right and up-to-date, please note that only the French version should be considered authoritative.

Editorial information

We publish information from all departments of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs.

The Web team of the Press and Communication Directorate is in charge of the editorial, graphic and technical maintenance of the website.

Our editorial team

Managing Editor:

  • Agnès von der Mühll

Editors in Chief:

  • Anne Chounet-Cambas
  • Anne Faye
  • Jonathan Huynh


  • Evguenia Darras
  • Valérie Duverger-Nedellec
  • Marie Favrelle
  • Natalia Foresti
  • Alexandrine Guinot-Lopez
  • Lucille Lemaréchal
  • Dominic Macdonald
  • Mélina Monteil
  • Lola Tiphagne

Website technology and hosting

This website was created using SPIP, Open Source Software distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

The website is hosted by the Communication and Information Systems Department of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (37, Quai d’Orsay, 75007, Paris – Tel: +33 (0)1 43 17 53 53).

Intellectual property

In accordance with public intellectual property law and in particular, Article L122-5 of the French Code of Intellectual Property, official documents are freely reusable:

• declarations, speeches, press kits and communiqués
• memos, guidelines and other regulatory documents
• CERFA forms.

However, good practice dictates that the source must be clearly identified when part or all of these documents are reused including, where necessary, a link to the original document online on our website.

All infographics created by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs are under Creative Commons licence and are freely reusable under the following conditions:

• Source: you must state the source of the work as indicated by the author of the work of the rights holder (but not in a way that would suggest that they approve you or your use of the work).

• No commercial use: you do not have the right to use this work for commercial purposes.

• No derivative work: you do not have the right to modify, transform or adapt this work.

All other content on the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs website is covered by copyright. It therefore cannot be used without the author’s consent, under Article L.122-4 of the French Code of Intellectual Property.

This applies to texts prepared by the Ministry departments to provide, via the Internet, information of the French and foreign public on the Ministry’s work, foreign policy in general and, more specifically for foreign publics, a presentation of France. This content cannot be freely reproduced unless prior consent is given and the source is indicated.

Reproduction for non-commercial, especially educational, purposes is authorized providing that the integrity of the information is preserved, its meaning, significance and application are not distorted, and the source and publication date are specified.

The information cannot be re-used for commercial or promotional purposes without express authorisation and a licence to re-use public information. Re-use for commercial or promotional purposes is defined as the use of public information to create a product or service for use by a third party, free of charge or for a fee.

Requests for authorization to reproduce content must be sent to the editorial team, via the contact form.

Subject to exceptions, reproduction for commercial or advertising purposes is not permitted.

Photography credits

The photographs on this website come from different sources.
Those taken by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs’ photography team may be reproduced freely in France and abroad, excluding commercial use.

The source must be clearly identified.

Ministry photographers: Judith Litvine, Jonathan Sarago.

High-resolution images for publication are also available on demand subject to the same conditions of use.

Contact us

For images from other sources, please request the permission of the entity mentioned in the credits.

Hypertext links to our website

Any public or private website is authorized to create, without prior authorization, a link (included embedded links) to the information published by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs.

For websites, reproduction of content following authorisation must clearly mention the origin of the document in the form of an Internet address: www.diplomatie.gouv.fr.

The words “Rights Reserved” should also feature at the bottom of every page.
The use of “embedded links” leading directly to the desired document should be preferred to the reproduction of content.

Prior consent is not required in order to create a link to our website. However, it is recommended that the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs be explicitly mentioned in the name of the link.
Websites choosing to include links to our website shall be held responsible if they are found to have damaged the public image of the public website.

Hypertext links on the our website

There are numerous links to other sites, be they private or official, French or foreign, on our website. The Ministry may under no circumstances be held responsible for the content of these links. The sole intention is to facilitate web users’ access to documentary resources on the subject in question.

Responsibility clause

The information on this website is provided as a public service. Although great care has been taken to transcribe official texts correctly and check all content, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for the information published, the accuracy of which cannot be guaranteed.

The information and documents available on the website may be amended or updated at any time.

The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for any damage of any kind resulting from the interpretation or use of information or documents available on the website.

Privacy policy

You’ll find our privacy and data protection policy here


Our website has been developed in accordance with the recommendations in the General Guidelines of Accessibility of French Administrations (RGAA) and the W3C standards.

The website is compatible with all available browsers. It is available to all, except in situations of force majeure.

We are committed to constantly improving the accessibility of our content to facilitate access to information on our website, particularly on mobile devices.

Applicable law

This website is governed by French law, regardless of where it is used. In the event of a dispute, should it prove impossible to reach an out-of-court settlement, only French courts will be competent to settle the dispute.

For any questions regarding these terms and conditions of use, please write to the following address:

Ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères
Direction de la communication et de la presse
Pôle web
37, quai d’Orsay
75007 PARIS


Official foreign policy declarations

Foreign policy declarations and official texts are published online every day. Most are translated in English. Some are also translated in Spanish, Arabic, German and Russian.

Please consult the documentary base of French foreign policy declarations for documents going back to 1966 or for specific search criteria.

NB: Despite best attempts to preserve the integrity of these documents, accidental changes cannot be completely excluded.

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You may submit suggestions or comments to the site webmaster. Every effort shall be made to take these into account. The webmaster cannot, however, respond to specific requests or requests which go beyond the strict administrative or technical management of the site.
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