Launch of online registration for French nationals living abroad (June, 17th, 2016)


Matthias Fekl, Minister of State for Foreign Trade, the Promotion of Tourism and French Nationals Abroad, presented the new online registration service for French nationals living abroad yesterday.

Previously, registration had to be completed in person at our consulates, but as of June 15, it can now be completed online at

Our goal is to simplify administrative procedures for French citizens living abroad, including for example applications for passports and scholarships. Inclusion in the register of French nationals living abroad will also make it possible - especially in light of the upcoming elections in 2017 - to register online on the consular electoral list or ask to be removed from a list if you are planning to return to France.

Out of 2.5 million French nationals living abroad, 1.7 million are now included in the register of French nationals living abroad at our consulates. This registration service also makes it possible to provide our compatriots living abroad with better information, notably with respect to security situations, arrangements for the holding of elections and timetables for consular visits. This service will also benefit French nationals who are planning to move abroad or who are returning to France.

For more information, please visit: