United Nations – African Union – Signing of a joint roadmap on African peace operations (6 December 2018)


France welcomes the signing on December 6, 2018, by the UN Secretary-General and the chairperson of the African Union Commission of a joint roadmap on cooperation between the African Union and the United Nations on African peace operations.

France welcomes the implementation of the African Union Peace Fund and the $73 million contribution made to it by 44 African states.

It also welcomes the adoption of African Union policies on conduct and discipline, as well as the prevention of and response to exploitation and sexual abuse within the framework of its peace operations, on November 29 by the African Union Peace and Security Council.

These African peace operations are an appropriate response to a strong need for peace and security measures in Africa. They reflect the African Union’s determination to become increasingly involved in the matter, in collaboration with the UN Security Council.

This progress confirms the value of adopting, by the end of the year, an ambitious Security Council resolution on future African peace operations. France strongly supports its African partners on the Security Council in this respect.