United Nations - Council of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) – France’s candidacy (1 December 2018)


France is a candidate for re-election to the IMO Council during the elections due to take place on December 1, 2017, in London, during the 30th session of the IMO Assembly.

France is a major maritime nation which exercises its jurisdiction over a vast maritime area. It initiated the first Memorandum of Understanding harmonizing the control of vessels in ports. As a flag state, France is also particularly attentive to ensuring that its vessels comply with safety regulations. As a coastal state, it is concerned with security and the protection of the environment in its waters.

France, which is a founding member of the IMO and has served on the Council since its creation, shares its expertise in all areas of marine navigation.

France’s candidacy is driven by our determination to preserve the marine environment and to promote, at the international level, the responsible use of the oceans and their resources, in accordance with the commitments arising from the Paris Agreement and the measures announced recently at the national level during the conference on the economy of the sea.