UN - Q&A - Excerpts from the daily press briefing (04 December 2017)


Q- Will France open its archives relating to UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold’s plane crash in 1961, as requested by UN investigators??

A- France is committed to getting to the bottom of this tragedy.

To that end, in 2016 it co-sponsored with Sweden a General Assembly resolution concerning the investigation of the circumstances of the death of the former UN secretary general and those accompanying him. We will do so again this year, supporting a text that calls for asking member states to appoint, on a national basis, an independent high-ranking figure in charge of collecting any information that might be held by various services.

Documents from our diplomatic archives concerning the death of Dag Hammarskjold are accessible to journalists and historians who request them. As a reminder, the archives of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs may be consulted in accordance with the waiting periods and conditions provided in the Heritage Code.