UN - EU – World Refugee Day (June 20, 2016)


On World Refugee Day, France reaffirms its commitment to refugees and to the organizations that help them.

It particularly renews its support for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (HCR), whose work is more crucial than ever, and applauds the remarkable commitment of its staff throughout the world, and the NGOs who contribute to its work.

According to the HCR’s report, the number of uprooted people hit a sad new record again this year: 65.3 million people. Of that number, 21.3 million are refugees, the largest number since the early 1990. Asylum requests also hit a new record in Europe, with 1.2 million new applications filed in 2015.

The international community must resolutely commit to finding a comprehensive solution to this crisis, in a spirit of humanity, solidarity, and responsibility, and in respect for international and European law, and particularly the 1951 convention relating to the status of refugees.

It must also pledge to resolve, through sustainable political solutions, the conflicts and violence that displaced persons are fleeing. France is working with its partners to this end, both nationally and within the UN Security Council.