Tourism – Presentation of the report by Martin Malvy (March 14, 2017)


Jean-Marc Ayrault, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, will receive today at the Quai d’Orsay a report by Martin Malvy, former Minister, Chairman of the “Association Sites et cités remarquables de France” (Association of Outstanding Sites and Cities of France), entitled “54 suggestions for boosting tourism through our heritage sites”.

Cultural tourism is a valuable tool for promoting France as a destination: More than 40,000 monuments and sites are protected, a third of which are listed sites; 41 sites are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. France has 8,000 museums, more than 1,300 of which are classified as “musées de France.”

Mr. Malvy’s report includes 54 proposals focusing on five key areas, identified as necessary in order to better promote and provide a more structured approach to cultural and heritage tourism:

1. Improved coordination with a view to strengthening synergies between the various stakeholders in the sector;

2. A more structured approach in order to respond to the requirements of tourists and their new expectations;

3. Training to boost the skills of young people in order to meet the challenges of cultural and heritage tourism;

4. Digital transition in order to help the tourism industry adapt to new practices;

5. Promotion in order to raise the profile of the treasures of France’s cultural heritage, which are sometimes far from today’s main tourist routes.

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