Tourism - Inauguration of IFTM Top Resa show by Matthias Fekl (Paris, September 20, 2016)


Matthias Fekl, minister of state for foreign trade, the promotion of tourism, and French nationals abroad, inaugurated IFTM Top Resa today – a major international trade show devoted to the tourism industry.

Running from September 20-23, it features more than 50 conferences, 69 workshops and training sessions focusing on every aspect of tourism – business, special events, pleasure, etc.

This 38th edition showcases the French and global tourism market at a single venue. There is a special focus on wine tourism this year, with a pavilion staffed by four exhibitors (Caves du Louvre, Rémy Martin, Source de Velleminfroy and Tourisme en Champagne).

In 2015, IFTM Top Resa welcomed more than 32,000 professionals.