Safety of French citizens abroad – Participation of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs in the Lyon and Paris tourism trade shows (March 2019)


Officials from the Crisis and Support Center at the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs will take part in the Mahana Lyon Tourism Trade Fair on March 8-10, as well as the International Tourism Trade Show in Paris on March 14-17.

They will welcome visitors and tourism professionals at their booths, where they will promote the proper instincts one should have while traveling abroad to ensure a peaceful, well-informed trip – consulting our travel advisories and signing up with our Fil d’Ariane service:

  • For the past 20 years, our compatriots have been able to consult the travel advisory section of our websit, gain information about their destination country and find recommendations relating to risks, health, and practical aspects of their travel abroad (formalities, laws, and customs). The Ministry’s Crisis and Support Center has created 190 country and destination files, using a certified procedure (ISO 9001-2015).
  • The Ministry also recommends that French travelers remain informed of any changes in the security situation of their destination country by signing up for Fil d’Ariane, also accessible on our site. This free public service allows French travelers prior to departure to report their presence abroad and to receive text or email messages containing security alerts or recommendations, if warranted by the situation in the country they are visiting. The Crisis and Support Center sent out 502 Fil d’Ariane alert messages in 2018.