France Handball 2017


From 11 to 29 January, France will host the 25th International Handball Federation Men’s Handball Championship. It is the third time that France will host this competition, providing an opportunity to celebrate a popular sport with some 520,000 federation members.

The Championship’s 84 matches will be held in eight cities throughout France. Albertville, Brest, Lille, Metz, Montpellier, Nantes, Paris and Rouen will do their best to welcome the 24 delegations, 2,000 volunteers and 500,000 spectators who are expected to attend, showing the growing appeal of this sport.

The Organization Committee for the 2017 Handball World Championship is determined to make it an event to remember, using their catchy phrase “Phénoménal Handball”. With this in mind, many activities were held over the course of 2016 in a tour of 16 cities in France that attracted several tens of thousands of fans and spectators hoping to discover the sport, with matches near Mont Blanc and the Eiffel Tower, fun mascots, high profile ambassadors, and an original soundtrack by the popular French DJ, Feder.

Additional events are planned, including a Mediterranean youth championship, national “Handensemble” matches for disabled people, and “Tous prêts!” matches, to support civic-minded events held on the sidelines of the competition. There are already more than 430 projects happening all over France!

All of these many matches, events and initiatives will bring together athletes, avid fans and spectators new to the sport.

Root on your favourite team! Who will become the new handball champions on 29 January 2017?

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