Establishment of three new “international tourist zones” (ZTI) – Joint communiqué (July 30, 2016)


Three new “international tourist zones” (ZTI) have been established in Antibes, Dijon and La Baule under the Growth, Economic Activity and Equal Economic Opportunity Act. The announcement was made by four government officials: Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development Jean-Marc Ayrault; Minister of Labor, Employment, Vocational Training, and Social Dialogue Myriam El Khomri; Minister of the Economy, Industry, and the Digital Sector Emmanuel Macron; and Minister of State for Foreign Trade, the Promotion of Tourism, and French Nationals Abroad Matthias Fekl.

The establishment of these new zones was instigated by the concerned mayors, following studies conducted by the Economy Ministry

Their outlines were determined following consultations with the mayors, presidents of the concerned metropolitan areas, labor unions and management associations, and professional employer organizations.

This announcement brings the number of such areas to 21, a little less than a year after the enactment of the Growth Act. Twelve had already been established in Paris (on September 25, 2015) and six in Nice, Cannes, Cagnes-sur-Mer, Saint-Laurent-du-Var, Deauville and Val d’Europe (on February 5, 2015).

Retail establishments in these areas can stay open later in the evening and on Sundays, as long as collective bargaining agreements are reached guaranteeing compensation and overtime for workers, and employees fully agree to work these hours.